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   With care, we can advice you how to spend your free time in Brasov and in the surounding areas, and also tell you the places where you can eat or give you phone numbers and adresses for different services(catering, ticket reservations, shopping).

Free services:
- sauna; (2 hours/day)
- fitness gym;
- information regarding means of transport, shows, the weather;
- loading/unloading and luggage transportation;
- waking up the tourists at the requested time;
- obtaining phone call connections;
- fax;
- aquiring postal cards, illustrated books, stamps, magazines;
- keeping safe your most trusted posessions (deposit vault);
- message correspondence;
- giving correspondence to tourists;
- sending tourists correspondence;
- availability of news papers and magazine in the lobbies;
- giving medication and help during the first aid if an accident has happened;
- safe keeping of forgotten object and contacting the respective tourists;
- keeping the luggage;
- calling the cab;
- sending to your home the documents that arrive after the tourists departure;
- houseing the turist in other available locations near by in case all rooms are full;
- touring promoting and info center;
- parking and garage;
- recomandations for places where you can practice different sports:
            - swimming;
            - ice skating;
            - skying;
            - horse riding;
            - bowling;
            - gymnastics;
            - mountain climbing;
            - tennis;
            - schools for skying, skating, swimming, tennis etc.
- getting tickts for: theatre, concerts, carnivals, festivals, folk nights etc.